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Latest news

05/01/15:  Another prospective regulator is still being sought to replace the one who had passed.

Again the measures that are put in place to make sure that people get the most benefit out of the

system assured that everyone paid back their loans successfully for the next candidates.

07/01/14: The funds were successfully redistributed again to new recipients. No previous

recipients defaulted in their payments.

10/01/13: All monies were redistributed.

01/09/13: The first Regulator ever appointed in the history of Muktii passed
away and another is retiring. For the moment, the single remaining Regulator is

successfully dealing with the distribution and collection process. But other prospective
regulators are being sought to manage the workload.

12/01/13: All loans were successfully collected and redistributed.

27/01/12: ATN TV broadcasts the news report on National TV.

24/01/12: The collected loan money was redistributed to the New Recipients.

ATN TV recorded the proceedings and made a news report on the event.

February 2011: Desh TV had an interview with AK Quazi about the Muktii

System and was aired on national TV soon after.

28/02/11: With the massive increase in rice prices, the government allowed

the people to buy it at a somewhat subsidised price. At this time, we took

initiative to give short term aid to those that would not be able to afford even

the subsidised prices and distributed over 2000 KG of rice to these people in a

month’s period.

30/01/11: Destiny News Paper: National news paper in Bangladesh releases an

article on the Muktii i charity.

07/01/11: New loans distributed to the people.

05/01/11: With the winter season arriving, 270 blankets were distributed to

the people in the area.

31/12/10: One of the recipients fell ill and passed away- leaving a widowed

wife and child. The loan was cancelled and a new loan of an indefinite period

was given to the grieving wife so that she may buy a sewing machine and thus

still have the potential to work and gain sustenance.

24th April 2010: Channel i broadcasted the Mati O Manush episode on the

Muktii System all over Europe.

24th February 2010: Akkaas Ali was relieved from his duty as Regulator for his

inability to carry out his role with the ethics of the Muktii System. The system

has now been re-shuffled and all of the Recipients under his Akkaas Ali were

transferred to Regulator Jomat Ali.

17th February 2010: Loans were distributed to the new Recipients by the four


10th February 2010: Mucktii held a Doctors Camp in Noiakandi Village. People

were given free health check-ups along with free prescriptions and medicine.

The medicines where donated by Prof. Ehsan Mahmood and Dr Aziz.

23rd January 2010: Muktii held a information workshop at the 75th Anniversary

of the Tejgaon Polytec hnic High School.

August 2009: Villager is not able to pay back full loan as his shop had caught


Update: With the burden of age, he was alleviated from paying back his loan.

26th July 2009: The Muktii i project appears on the NTV news; the national

news of Bangladesh

July 16th 2009: NTV News, a Bangladeshi national news channel comes to

Goilbari to film the Muktii System for coverage on the News.

11th July 2009: Channel I, a Bangladeshi TV channel broadcasts a 20 minute

documentary into the benefits that the Muktii system have provided.

2009: A prospective new Regulator: Abdul Alim for expansion into a new

Village: Goilkhali.

March 2009: Channel I, a Bangladeshi TV channel comes to Goilbari to film a

documentary on the Muktii System.

January 2009: Success! Villager Afsar takes a loan for the fourth me.

Spring 2008: The Muktii system spreads to Noiakandi Village in Bangladesh

New Regulator Akkaas Ali.

Jan 2008: All Recipients finish paying back their loans.

Winter 2003: Muktii System spreads to Theghori. Jomat Ali becomes the Regulator for this area.

1994: Muktii system is first set up in Goilbari Village in Bangladesh. Mohammad Golam Shoffi becomes the first Regulator.